.75mm x 300ft Nano Cord Hunter
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.75mm x 300ft Nano Cord Hunter
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.75mm x 300ft Nano Cord Hunter
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Nano Cord

This rope is even smaller than micro cord and still 36lbs test. it is a very versatile product. This cord is perfect for intricate jewelry makers, crafters, Macrame artists etc. Great for bracelets, lanyards, key chains, Used for Fishing line, handle wraps, Wind chimes / Dream catchers, Beading ETC. Great for backpacks and emergency kits, This rope comes on a small reuseable plastic spool.


• 36 lbs Test

• Lightweight & Strong

• UV resistant

• Rot & Mildew Resistant

• Color Will not run or bleed

• Made in the USA

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Premium sport and tie cord.

Hundreds of uses for this small, but strong lightweight 
rope. A excellent choice for:

• .75mm x 300ft

• Braided

• Made in the USA
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