550 Kevlar Power Blue
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550 Kevlar Power Blue
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550 Kevlar Power Blue
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7 Strand Kevlar Paracord

Kevlar Paracord Is Super Strong and Heat resistant. Kevlar has been used in bullet proof vests for years, now you can have some too. Great for search and rescue, tag lines, survival bracelets, Key fobs, lanyards, Boot laces, Gear loops ETC. This is especially great for fire fighters and Military, A must have for all hardcore Survivalists.


• 1250 lbs Test

• Heat Resistant

• 7 Strand Core

• lightweight & Strong

• Made in the USA


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550" Kevlar.

7 strand, paracord weave. 

1,200lbs Test, 120lbs work.

High strength, low stretch.

Fire resistant up to approx 900 degrees!
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