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Product Size: 


We understand that with all the different sizes of rope out there, 

it can be a difficult task finding the right size of rope for your need.

Therefore, we created this simplistic chart to help you find the

right size rope for your project!






Product Strength:


We are certain, that you are looking for a rope that can withstand the

amount of work stress you will be putting on our products.

So, here is a list of our rope and it's ultimate, everyday work strength.


*Note: "Test load" Represents the absoulte breaking point of the specific rope product.

             "Work load" Represents the maximum load in lbs. for everyday use on our rope.*


5/8"                                                1/2"

Test Load: 3000lbs                     Test Load: 2200lbs

Work Load (Useable): 300lbs     Work Load (Useable): 220lbs


7/16"                                              3/8"

Test Load: 7900lbs                     Test Load: 1200lbs

Work Load (Useable): 790lbs     Work Load (Useable): 120lbs


1/4"                                                3/16"

Test Load: 600lbs                       Test Load: 300lbs

Work Load (Useable): 60lbs       Work Load (Useable): 30lbs


550 Paracord                               3/32 Tactical

Test Load: 550lbs                       Test Load: 250lbs

Work Load (Useable): 55lbs       Work Load (Useable): 25lbs


1/16"                                              1.18mm Micro

Test Load: 85lbs                               Test Load: 100lbs

Work Load (Useable): 8.5lbs      Work Load (Useable): 10lbs 


.75mm Nano

Test Load: 36lbs

Work Load (Useable): 3.6lbs




Product Usage:


It is understood that in the decision of picking the right rope.

you are choosing Atwood brand rope that's not only the right size

and strength but, however being used for the right purpose.

Here at Atwood Rope MFG, we are dedcated to helping you find

just the right rope, right down to it's suggested use.






  • Horse Lead Lines
  • Marine
  • Landscaping
  • Décor



  • Marine
  • Utility
  • Tow Line
  • ATV Rescue Kit
  • Industry



  • Arbor Line
  • Rappelling
  • Life Line
  • Rigging



  • Livestock Halters
  • Marine: Anchor/Mooring
  • Outdoor
  • Utility
  • Recreation



  • Marine: Anchor/Sail
  • Livestock Halters
  • OEM Outdoor Equipment
  • Flag Pole
  • Clothes Line



  • Knot Tying
  • Scouting
  • Camping/Hunting
  • Lashing/Tie Down
  • Gardens/Tree Support


550 Paracord

  • Jewelry
  • Bracelet Material
  • Survival
  • Tie Cord
  • Fishing/Fishing Pole Lashing
  • Parachuting
  • OEM
  • Backpacking


3/32 Tactical, 1/16, 1.18mm, .75mm

  • Bracelet Material
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Camping
  • Backpacking
  • OEM Jewelry


metric conversion chart


We hope you found this guide helpful, if there was any unanswered

questions you had, be sure to call or email us anytime, from our

"contact us" tab!



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